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Buy NNN Property

Our acquisition experience ranges from Large Institutions to First Time Buyers. Our market knowledge and network will help to expand your search, improve deal terms, and support you beyond closing.

Sell NNN Property

Our niche focused Advisors are integral in helping clients understand the market, position their property for sale, and in determining optimal strategies to sell net lease property at market or better pricing.

Other NNN Services

While NNN properties are passive in nature, there are many aspects of ownership that go overlooked. Our full range of services includes retenanting, sourcing financing, management, and valuations.

Here are a few examples of our company’s recently sold properties.

Simo Amzil

Partner | Orange County, CA

Dir +1 800 791 6320 ext. 102


Geoffrey Faulkner

Managing Partner | San Francisco, CA

Dir +1 800 791 6320 ext. 100


Paul Green

Partner | Los Angeles, CA

Dir +1 800 791 6320 ext. 104


Josh Veentjer

Managing Partner | Portland, OR

Dir +1 800 791 6320 ext. 101


Joe You

Partner | San Diego, CA

Dir +1 800 791 6320 ext. 105


Matching Expertise and Client Needs …

Guiding Single Property and Portfolio Dispositions from start to finish is our focus. Our client centered approach begins with an understanding of each individual situation, setting realistic and achievable goals, and implementing our market knowledge and experience to deliver measurable results that meet or exceed expectations.

In the information age, investors are finding an increasing need to align with product specialists that can add far more value than a general practitioner. Our niche focused advisors are integral in helping clients understand the market, position their property for sale, and in determining optimal strategies to sell net lease property at market or better pricing.

Navigating an imperfect market is a full time job. Tracking properties, trends, and transactions is our foundation. From there, we help clients to transform this information to better understand the net lease market as a whole in order to positively influence acquisition decisions and implementation.

Our Listings

We share our property with all buyers and brokers with a goal to achieve the highest price possible for our clients.

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Off Market

We draw upon our existing relationships and experience to help uncover off market opportunities for our clients.

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Due Diligence

Underwriting your net lease investment should not come without assistance from professionals that can help to provide an additional perspective.

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Navigating the Market with a Short Timeframe

Given the basic guidelines for a 1031 exchange and a market that is short on supply, professional acquisition guidance is imperative. Our advisors all have vast experience in assisting clients through the 1031 exchange acquisition process and are aligned with seasoned professionals such as 1031 exchange accommodators, attorneys, and accountants that can help guide the transaction.

Proactive Approach

Trading into quality property is a challenging process that is exacerbated when working within a constrained timeframe. Our approach, which is focused on meeting and exceeding timeframe constraints, includes efficient underwriting, a depth of product access, and methods to enhance our clients ability to get deals closed. Given the tax consequences of a failed exchange, hiring a professional to help sift through a vast supply of product and quickly underwrite opportunities is imperative.

Unlock the Value of Your Real Estate

The sale-leaseback often begins with companies recognizing that assets frozen in brick and mortar are neither good for the balance sheet nor a productive utilization of capital. Now, more than ever, businesses have a need to convert existing real estate assets into cash and find cost-effective and efficient alternatives to traditional debt to fund the costs of expansion, acquisitions, special investments opportunities, and construction of new facilities.

NNNet Advisors can help you to immediately free up capital. With advisors spread throughout the country and an extensive database of market information, REIT’s, Private Investors, 1031 Exchange motivated Buyers, the NNNet Advisor network is crucial in determining market rents, cap rates, and finding an investor in any market.

  • Operational Flexibility – Maintain maximum flexibility for future real estate investments.
  • Expand Locations – Increase market share without depleting corporate capital.
  • Special Investment Opportunities – Provide funds for mergers, acquisitions, and other investment opportunities.

  • Off-Balance Sheet – Favorable accounting treatment.
  • Improve Earnings – Recognize the appreciated value of your real estate.
  • Tap Into 100% of Property Value – As opposed to 50%-60% through the use of traditional loan sources.

1031 Exchanges65%
Sale Leasebacks25%